Exploring future music experiences with conductive inks.


Created in 2012 as part of a research project into how conductive inks could impact on the music industry.


I created three versions of the postcard player, the first exploratory prototype was made from laser cut acrylic and allowed experimentation of lots of different types of audio content. The second was created from laser cut plywood and connected to Soundcloud and Spotify to play online playlists. The third version, which was exhibited at the Design Museum in London was made from laser cut, folded powder coated steel with an internal acrylic structure.

I was responsible for concept design, hardware design, software development, product design and assembly.
Exhibited at SXSW, V&A, London Design Festival and the Design Museum.
Nominated for a Design Museum ‘Designs of the Year‘ award.







Martin Skelly

Creative Technologist
Scotland, UK

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