An iOS app for kids to eliminate shopping drudgery using iBeacons.


Dot is an interactive experience using iBeacon bluetooth technology to make department stores playful experiences for kids while their parents drag them around after them.


The idea for Dot came out of an intense five day design sprint that I facilitated at Uniform. This multidisciplinary team of creatives included a  researcher, designer, animator, and myself as sprint lead and creative technologist.


We completed a full five day design process of research, idea generation, filtering our thinking, concept development, and prototype design. On the last day of the design sprint, we presented the idea to the rest of the studio. The presentation included a working iBeacon iOS app, filmed animation content to explain the idea from a local department store, and a research publication explaining our idea and thinking back to the studio.


I was responsible for leading the team, creative direction and iOS development.









In collaboration with Charlie Pastor, Ami Guest and Vic Pinnington.


Martin Skelly

Creative Technologist
Scotland, UK

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